Connect thinger with appinventor

does anybody how to connect thinger with appinventor?
I want to show data from thinger on appinventor.
Hope to hear from anybody.
best of luck, Yme

What is thinger?

You mean this

They have a REST API so that should work I guess.

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Hi Peter,
i have the next info:

Bearer eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJleHAiOjE2NjUxMzMyOTAsImlhdCI6MTY2NTEyNjA5MCwicm9sZSI6InVzZXIiLCJ1c3IiOiJ5bWVkaWsifQ.bP1SfEtMMIVue5VH6m0p0Z76vrrOalCJ1Xoe1KCYmE8

"Humidity": 68,
"Luchtdruk": 1024,
"Temperatuur": 14.369999885559082

It seems that everything is working as you can see from the answer to the query from thinger.
But it does not work in blocks in appinventor.
Can you help me on this one?

Best of luck, Yme

Then show your blocks ???

Hi Timai,
i am a complete beginer with appinventor.
It seems to be that there is a authentification problem because a get 401 fault.
I dont kno how to insert that in the blocks.
I hope you have the answer.
Best of luck, Yme

Blocks should look like this:

but with the data supplied by you, still getting unauthorized

Hi Timai2,
still does not work.
Get 401 again.
the thinger database is updated every 60 seconds with new data.
is that maby the problem?
Greetz, yme

You might want to follow the documentation?


Thanxx to all, its working!


Please show the blocks that got it working....

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