Connect my redis labs to my mit app clouddb project

somebody help me to connect my mit ai2 to my redis labs account.tnx

Did you see


Be aware that redis labs will only work with the SSL box unticked if using the MIT Appinventor CloudDB component, even if you have a paid account with redis. (the same applies with many of the other main providers of redis servers)

so redis is not safe as providers because theres no ssl?? can you suggest other provider?? thanks and please??

The only method i am aware of is to setup your own redis server:

it looks like what i found before but its for window set up. port 6379 too. what i want to know is how i link my redis labs to my mit app.

sir im using windows

sir one thing.. what if i use google cloud??

The google cloud provided redis server will not work, as previously advised.

You will need to edit the configuration of your own redis server to work on the correct port, then setup the stunnel configuration to handle SSL and the certificate.