Connect Excel file with ai2

I read many discussions on this topic. I want to create a quiz in which I want to use mathematical equations, which can be written in microsoft products, not even sheets. So really need to send hundreds of question and their answers to list through excel sheet (not .csv, it doesn't work for this). Pl send some help

There are a couple of extensions (PAID) that can read Excel files.
See here and search (CTRL+F) for "Excel":

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Thanks for immediate reply
But I checked this extensions which had some non satisfactory reviews

Even these features are not available in google sheet

Which features ?

Are you looking to express these equations symbolically, like in MathJax?

specially adding mathematical equations which I can't add in .csv format

I'm not sure about MathJax bcos I didn't use itm but like math equation editor which is packed with microsoft. Even Google sheet has this add-on but it also doesn't work

Maybe in a WebViewer?

friend i'll try mathquill but i want to know can i write image something like this to represent in quiz

You might be able to display your equation as an html .
The following links should be helpful: and Alternatively provide an image as you did in your post and capture the equation as a png or jpg file and show the image when you display the question.

To solve an equation of that type using App Inventor, you might use this extension The extension uses the mXparser library Version 4.1


Why not just download them as image files and incorporate them into your display along with the questions?

Then we can't make changes in them, if necessary. and for everything we may have to start from scratch again

See here: