Connect alexa skill to echo dot

hey there, i just wanted to know how can i unable my alexa skill in my echo dot i have tried researching a lot on the web on how to do so but weirdly i did not find anything. Can you please help me in the matter

You need to set up your Amazon account as an Alexa developer account and then click "Log in to Amazon" below the testing window in App Inventor before sending updates. Once your skill is deployed, you should be able to use it with Alexa via "Alexa tell my skill name to utterance." Some instructions from a workshop we ran, although we were using the Alexa app rather than physical Alexas:

deal thank you

@ewpatton What if I do not own any Alexa devices at home?

  1. Can I still make Alexa apps?
  2. Does Alexa support other languages, other than English?

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The App Inventor interface includes a testing window that simulates Alexa on your computer by making the appropriate API calls to Amazon. You can also download and install the free Amazon Alexa app on iOS and Android to try out your skill there.

At the moment we only support English but there has been significant interest in bringing this capability to the other languages that Alexa supports.

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Thank you for this. The guide is very good - and I have followed it, including reseting my echo device and reinstalling the Alexa App. I have Developer Account and I can test skills OK using the Emulator in App Inventor.....but having no joy at all in running those skills on either he echo or the Alexa App on my phone.

Is there anywhere I can "see" that my Alexa App (and/or devices) are 'associated" with my Developer Account? To try and figure out why it's not working?

Are you certain that the Echo is tied to the same Amazon account that you're logging into?

Also, if somehow you've created multiple developer accounts, you might have the option to switch which one you're targeting by clicking your email address in the top left corner and switching between them.