Confusione con il canvas

Hello everyone,
I want an ImageSprite to be loaded in position of x(89) and y (93) and save it in the TinyDB. But when I go to call it from the TinyDB; its position corresponds instead to x (70) and y (93) :thinking:

How big is your canvas?
How big is your imageSprite?

and try like this:

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The canvas is not ready when screen initialized.

two way to fix this:

  1. give the canvas a fix size, not fill parent or 100%.
  2. use a clock to wait about 100ms, then move the imageSprite

If we save in the TinyDB x (89) and y (93); why when we go to recall .. the resulting values, correspond to x (70) and y (93)? :upside_down_face:

Um, they don't ?

The x keeps giving me (70)..I give up :roll_eyes:

Is your canvas large enough to allow you to place your imageSprite at that X location ?

Did you try my suggestion?

Finally I reduced the sprite image to 100x100; and matches the right coordinates

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