Confirm delete list

Hello! How can I delete a list only after confirmation? To be a dialog with yes or no

You could use a notifier. When button click call notifier and if user choose to delete list then go on with procedure


Thanks! It works!


As a belt and suspenders coder, I would use the word "Delete" instead of "Yes", in case the Notifier is reused for another purpose, like "Start WWIII? Yes/No"


Adding to this, word "delete" trigger more neurons to get fired during decision making process in brain, this is how we have trained ower brain to 'Delete'. Because our long term memory has a definition of things what we have learned before, and that defination is used to trigger our motor never system before clicking on delete or cancel button.

If a person is new to computer world, and he has not created any definition of delete that it is dangerous command, for him there is no difference between Yes and Delete taking its impact into consideration.

PS: It's my perception or what defination I have about Delete.

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