Configuration of switch

Hello, how are things going? Could someone guide me on how to configure a switch to turn a led on and off via bluetooth? Thank you.

How do you plan on talking to the LED?

  • BlueTooth, or
  • WiFi ?

hello bluetooth, plss

Start here

I did not understand; (it is the HC-05 and I want to turn on a led with the app that I made in the inventor app but I don't know how to take the swtich

Please download and post each of those event block(s)/procedures here ...

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

primer_proyecto.aia (3.5 KB)

It is there in the part of the code that says ´´when switch1.changed´´ I do not know if with that I can turn the led on and off with that same switch

Yes you can and you do not need all those buttons


For example I have arduino uno, hc-06 and a led and my code is


switch on sends 1 - led on -switch off sends 0 - led off



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