Concerning new version of APK (on Amazon Appstore)

When I made some modifications in my app I changed number of version then I tried to submit the new version in Amazon store but the message was that this apk does not support any devises, so submission failed, help me with that matter please.

You might ask Amazon

Submitting Apps to the Amazon Appstore | App Submission .

I asked them already but still waiting for reply, but I think there is something wrong with the APK
because when I am trying to install the APK in my mobile the message witch appeared is < App not installed as package appears to be invalid > so what ?

Is there any solution I can do please

Are you using the QR code to install? Perhaps you need to uninstall the app this apk is meant to replace?

Some times i use QR code and others use bluetouth from my laptop to mobile, what I mean is that I install it and updated it many times without any problems, I am afraid I uninstall it and I could not be able to install it again, I am thinking to have the aia then delete the app from the site and import it once more, does this will maby help ?

copy the Project, rename the app then build?

How to rename the app ?


replace the existing name with your new name using the Screen Properties