Concern about Gmail account name included in AppInventor app

I require a Gmail account to use App Inventor.
Let's call it
Lets say I have created MyAppName
Let's say the MAppNAme.APK file is downloaded to an Android phone or tablet
and installed and executed.

Lets say myAppName uses

to save data when it is executed.
Let's say that the app saves a file called MyAppData.csv in a directory
called /Documents/MyAppName

Then examination of my phone's or tablet's file structure using the app MyFiles (available from Playstore) shows that the path to the saved file is as follows:


I am unhappy that my MyGmail .gmail tag is visible to anyone who downloads my app and uses it.
Why is it included?
If I were to put my app on playstore, would anyone who downloads and uses the app find that the 'myGmail' tag is also included?

If so, then the only way to keep MyGmail for my own use to create a new .gmail account and transfer all my projects to it?

This quirk comes rather unexpectedly late in my app creating experience.
Any views on this?

Change the package name of the app?

You mean the 'package name' is "appinventor.ai_MyGmail.MyAppName" and I canchange it?

Use the code server without an account

The package name will then be something like:


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yes you can

please can you point me to some details on how this might be achieved?

Thanks. How to use App Inventor without a gmail account then?

go to the code server MIT App Inventor
and login there without your Google account