Computation of numbers

Could anyone advise me why the addition of 2 values gives a very wrong answer?

Please see the 2 blocks attached.

Thank you very much.

If I put B as 100 and h as 200, my variable bh, which is value of b+ value of h gives a value of 20000.

What is the goal of your app?
Show 2-3 simple examples.

why you post two same block image? we need to find out the difference?

And there is none. :wink:

Actually I wanted to download the blocks with the Do It result to show clearly the problem. But somehow the Do It results didn't show up in the PNG image.

I just wanted to have a simple program to estimate the unit weight of steel hollow sections for 2 different types of steel materials. That's why I have 2 buttons, one for each material.

Hi Guys,
I found out the problem already.
I didn't notice the latest Do It result which is on top of the previous Do It result, and which now gives the correct value.

Sorry guys.

Thanks for telling us this.

I've been caught by this in the past too.

I do find it smtime and it makes me confused, so I need to scroll up to see the correct result. But pop-up should be refreshed. with latest result only, or it is bahaving the way it should, not sure

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