comprehensive file extension - is one available?

File handling in MIT app inventor is a pain.

If I want to read a file I have to load the in built file library. But it only handles text file, not binary files.

If I want to get the size of the file I have to upload the Taifun file extension.

Is there an extension that does ALL of this in the one place instead of bits and pieces spread across multiple extensions?

have you not found it ?

What exactly do you think is missing in the extension?

Maybe instead of the File component or extensions, you can use the SAF extension that bypasses some of Android's limitations? From what I saw, it has a block for reading the file's bytes.

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SAF extension can read as well as write in 3 different ways: text, bytes and hex.
Though I feel it is quite confusing for newbies and they should stay from complicated things.
Even I check/test methods before giving an answer related to it. :joy: