Componente de armazenamento "arquivo" erro ao programar ou na descrição

Na descrição diz que o componente de armazenamento “arquivo” cria um arquivo no armazenamento interno se o nome for digitado sem barra, e que cria-o no armazenamento externo se o nome for digitado com barra, porém o que ocorre é que ao se colocar sem barra ele não cria em lugar nenhum, e ao colocar com barra o arquivo é criado no armazenamento interno.

Google translated:
In the description it says that the storage component “file” creates a file in internal storage if the name is typed without a slash, and that it creates it in external storage if the name is typed with a slash, but what happens is that when you put it without slashes it does not create anywhere, and when slashing the file is created in internal storage.

What you say is not quite correct (when you put it without slashes it does not create anywhere).

If you start working in Companion, the you can look in your file explorer to find the directory:


you will find files saved without a slash there. This directory is visible in Companion to assist developers with debugging their app.

Once you compile your app, this directory location will not be visible to the file explorer, but it will be available to the app. (You will need to delete files/directories as above if using the same device used with Companion).