Component does not exist

how to fix this? should I start from the start?

you have to post the aia onorder to help you else it is harder to say what component is it is

Restart your Browser
If this does not help, restart from your latest backup


Did you uninstall an extension prior this happened, if so

boodle-app.aia (722.7 KB)

you have deleted a important component which is linked with this procedure

this CalendarView is missing in blocks but in code it is present.. Did you use any Date changed event in this procedure?, may be i am wrong..

Yes, recovered..

boodleapp1.aia (722.5 KB)

(Do not delete any extension while the app is connected in companion)


I dont use any Date changed event, maybe it is a bug. Because during undo my blocks on my backpack was appear even I didnt select those component. After deleting the blocks that appear from my backpack. I notice that I have 1 error and I checked multiple times theres no error so i decided to refresh the then the list procedure blocks was gone and crash. Thank you for helping me.

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