Compile extensions with import java class file

Hello. I have some problem with compiling extension. I have two files: and
first file is located in com.a folder and it using package from "b" file, "b" file is located in com.sdk.b directory, after compilation I get all classes(private too) in file(which contains @SimpleObject class) but class from "b" file wasn't compile. Cmd show that BUILD_SUCCESS and extension was compiled fine(only without "b" class from "" file).

The extensions system only picks up code from subpackages of objects marked with @SimpleObject(external = true), so you need to make sure that you've set up your package hierarchy directly. If you really need to use a different package for whatever reason, you can compile those files into a JAR file and pick up that JAR as a dependency.

Hi @Legion
You can set same package name to that file.

@Legion, with the latest release of Rush, which is a build tool that simplifies the process of extension development, it is now possible to include packages other than your extension's main package within your extension. This means that every package that is inside the src directory will be available to your extension during runtime.

For more information on what Rush is and how it makes it easier to develop extensions, check out the below topic: