Compatibility tips for OS Fire and OS Android TV


I like to start here a dread with tips for comatibility for Fire and Android TV. It's better to take that knowledge before you design for it.
For OS Fire: the default text size is bigger. If you give it enough space, it will be shown correctly.

For OS Android TV : don't use the HorizontalScrollArangement if you want to put a button in it or you can't click it with the mouse, although you can navigate to it with the arrows to press then OK. Try to use HorizontalArangement instead.

If you know more tips, feel free to post here.


I just discovered that the default text size of "Android 11" determines also the text size used in the Application.

I discovered that Android 11 can mess up colors if using dark mode: if you use the build in colors, they are preserved, otherwise, check it out for yourself for inverted colors.

I have also noticed the color differences. The F/OS tends to interpret the colors as much darker than they appear in the builder.

Workaround: use RGB defined ones.

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Thanks for the tip!