Comparison between two dates and times

Comparison between two dates dates and times

If the project were mine, I would certainly be able to carry out this comparison operation, even if with some difficulty.

But the attached farmyard project that I found in "Gallery Link" is Cyrillic for me, I don't understand anything about it.
You can help me by correcting one of the dozens of tests I have carried out.

I would like it to be possible for the cell phone to vibrate 15 minutes before an appointment expires on that specific day.
Can you help me?

Furthermore, the existing projects in "Gallery Link" can not only be modified but used freely?
Memory (3).aia (9.0 KB)

Thanks Anke.
Programming for me is such a discovery every day that it will never tire of surprising me, marveling me and making me happy for having started years ago.

Then when your experience offers results that are science fiction to me, even more, it pushes me to continue.

It goes without saying that I would never have arrived at such a solution even if I had studied Appinventor for 10 years, then imagine with the memory that I don't have.

Sorry for these digressions, but it is the best way I have to thank all of you for the help you offer, making you understand what each new solution or project means for me, perhaps also for others.

I will try your solution hoping to be able to connect it to the project and expand it to help others solve everyday problems, even if the most important parts of the project are not done by me.

It should be: + (15x60000)

I can't find the block you inserted in appinventor.
The only one I found that has two joints like yours and the one indicated by the arrow and which I replaced, I don't think it's good?.

Furthermore, I think I understand that I need to replace the formatting of the hours as shown in the image indicated by the arrows?

Right click on the (-) block you can see, and select External Inputs

Done. Did I understand the hours formatting correctly? should I just replace the blocks mentioned with the arrow?


Should that be a (-) block and not a (+) block ?


I'll try them both.

"15 minutes before an appointment" -OP

Pro and I'll let you know.

In both cases it gives me this error.

Sorry, but maybe I should replace all references to time and date formatting? of all these blocks?

As I wrote, I first tried "+" and then minus.
and I replaced the block with the time.

I saw the error, if that's it...

I'll try again. It's incredible how such huge errors aren't seen right away.

When I tried to save the name

When I entered the time, as you can see on the button there are "000000" and not the time.

appointments.aia (19.6 KB)

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Date and time work great.
When I enter the name it gives me an error.
If it's not something you understand, it might be
It's my fault, perhaps some blocks that I have mistakenly modified, I will check and let you know.

Vibration also works.
You are great guys, you are unique.
As I wrote, I will check if I made any mistakes with the name.
As soon as I save it it gives me the error you see in the image.

Everything ok, it was my mistake.
Thanks so much.