Comparing different versions of an app

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Anyone find or do anything further on this? Dual unchive sessions still eht best solution?
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You could get an overview of block differences by using the AI2Helper browser extension to download all block images into a directory for each app, and compare the directory listings, with png file sizes to see which procedure or event differs across directories.

Yes, that would be pretty helpful, especially if differences were few/minor.

Perhaps this is another thread ... but how about searching multiple projects for uses of a specific component or extension or block. It seems that unchive breaks things down pretty well. If somehow its products could be searched, especially if multiple apps could be loaded into it at once or if its products could be stored in a project specific folder or naming convention. That would put you just one "grep" away from the answer questions such as "where do I use the TinyDB component?" or "where is a Screen1.SystemErr event?"

If you are like me (and I hope you aren't) I can figure something out and then 3 weeks later, I remember that I figured it out, but I do not remember where or how :frowning:


Keeping well named .png downloads of all procedures by project directory lends itself to Windows File Explorer search by name, so I am never far from a shuffle procedure or a CSV To JSON converter.

Ahh ... you create your own "index" via the directory/filename. Smart!

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