Comparing card values in a card game

Hi Everyone
I am creating a card playing app and I am trying to figure out how to compare the values of the card hands that are dealt and to determine the winner.
I have searched Google and Blogs but can not find anything relevant to what I wish to achieve.
I have attached the aia file, if anyone can advise me of any tutorials or videos that might help i would appreciate it.
This is shared on my google drive.

  1. You are developing in Kodular, you should ask on the Kodular forum
  2. This is complex. Do a search for javascript poker on google to see what is involved!

Hi TIMA12.
Thank you for the reply.
I created the app in app inventor, I just used Kodular for getting the correct look on a tablet as the app inventor interface with my Galaxy Tablet does not do a very good job.
That is why I posted on here.
I have looked at javascript, c++ and python but as I am just a novice in understanding all the syntax I was hoping that someone might know of actual tutorials for app inventor.
Just to let you know I am a retired person and I just do this for fun.
I make apps for my children and my grandchildren.