Compare values sent from BT esp32 and load sensor to an input threshold


I am trying to create an app that can alert me when a certain threshold is reached either greater or lower than the number sent from the app. I want to make the threshold be able to be input into the app. I tried using android studio but documentation is depreciated.

Data is sent to the app from a hx711 load sensor module that is connected to an esp32. I have the communication working but do not know how to handle that bluetooth information like a variable.

Thank you for the help it is much appreciated!!

Dear @Needhelp,
honestly I'm a bit confused: in the title you say that is an ESP32 that sends data to the app, while in the text it seems that the data are sent by a hx711 (coonected to an ESP).
More: the threshold has to be set manually into the app (as a variable) then sent to the ESP, which, on its side, shall send a "warning" when the sensor's measurement are out of threshold.
The solution is really far from what you have annexed as image. And what .ino code have you written ?
I believe that a search on the community, and specifically on @Juan_Antonio web site "KIO4", which contains a huge quantity of code examples related to the interface between AI2 app's and Arduino (and derivatives, like the ESP) would be the best solution for learning both AI2 and Arduino environments.