"Compare Text", gives strange results

I am using "compare text" to check if the value entered is smaller than 128. If not it will give me a error message that says "Qty. must not exceed 128". Entering 129, the error messages works entering 128 the app takes the value and sends it to the Arduino via Bluetooth. Entering 1 it still works, but any other value between 1 and 128 it gives me the error message.... why?
Here is the snippet I am using it in.

You could have used Math Block to have comparision.

blocks - 2022-12-31T153941.437

Thanks, it seems as if it is working. I don't understand why it did not work when it was used the first time (that is why I used "Compare Text").

The phrase lexicographic order means in alphabetical order . It is a common term in computer science. It may indicate that numbers are to be treated as strings so 10 comes before 2 because there is no positional weighting and the symbol 1 comes before 2.

Ref: lexicographic - Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

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Thanks, makes a lot of sense.

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