Companion Version Use Companion: 2.65 or 2.65u - bad grammar or bug?

When in the browser I click on

Companion Information

I find the first line in the box shown confusing, or something is missing after the word Version:

Companion Version Use Companion: 2.65 or 2.65u

Is it telling me to use one of these version?
Is one of these my current version?
What is my current version exactly?

One my phone I can see something like when I launch the MIT AI2 Companion app:

Version: 2.65

but I have no idea what should be shown in the browser. What Companion are we talking about in the web?

From Tester | MIT App Inventor I can also see

Is aiStarter running?
YES, aiStarter v30.265.0 running!

Should I be seeing this in the browser, or is that the version detected on my PC?
In the aiStarter console window I see:

App Inventor version: 30.265.0
Architecture: AMD64
AppInventor tools located here: C:\Program Files\MIT App Inventor


The companion version refers to the version of the software running on your phone or tablet. Today, the published version in the Google Play Store is version 2.65. Because Google prevents us from including some features in that version, we also publish another version via the Help > Companion Information dialog with the 'u' suffix to indicate it is unencumbered by the Google requirements. This version is needed to test some features like direct SMS messaging/phone calls. Users of earlier versions may continue to use App Inventor but we make no guarantees that newer features work on the older companion versions.

The website versioning is independent of the companion version and is available via the Help > About menu. Currently the website version is nb190b.

Thanks for the answer. My problem is with the English used in this sentence, where All Words Are Capitalized, and there seem to be missing commas, new lines, periods, whatever. I can't parse it...

Companion Version Use Companion: 2.65 or 2.65u

In fact, the part Use Companion: 2.65 or 2.65u comes straight from the About popup and seems to be simply appended to the Companion Version part. Maybe it worked in the past and looked OK, but something is broken when (dynamically?) composing this sentence.

Maybe something like this would make more sense:

Use Companion versions: 2.65 or 2.65u
Requires Companion: 2.65 or 2.65u