Companion UNSTOPPABLE refreshes itself πŸ˜“

Lately, when I work with Companion, simply by pressing the "designer" or "Blocks" button, Companion refreshes itself. It also happens when I expand or collapse the blocks, use the "DO IT" option in any block, and upon restarting, the variables also reset, making it nearly impossible to use the "DO IT" option. Do you know why this is happening? how can i solve this?


For me, the Companion only refreshes when I edit the Designer. Blocks didn't force the Companion to refresh.

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Same here; I have to refresh the screen for the changes to blocks to show.

Would be nice to have:


Have you missed this as it has been there for ages


It's so weird! I try it with another project and UNSTOPPABLE updates don't happen... :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I can't understand why with the other project, just pressing the Designer/Blocks button, the companion screen refreshes itself. (it's very uncomfortable and doesn't let me work) I guess this only happens to me or only on my laptop.

Thank you all!

Yes, sad and embarrassing enough. :man_facepalming: I seem to have stuck with the nb17x releases in this regard (which didn't have this option yet). :upside_down_face:

(PS: To excuse myself, I can only say that I have worked more with Niotron in recent years and of course used this refresh method there.)
I think I'd better remove my post. :slightly_smiling_face: