Companion Unfortunately Stops

Hi Team,

I would like to report something from Companion.

Every time I select an item from a List Picker and then click on a Button (that closes a screen, briings up another one and Get values from Firebase) it crashes.


Solved!!! DATA Consistency in Firebase

Could you be more specific, for any one else who gets that crash?
Is that the persist flag? Which value?


I started the value with “” but forgot to put at the end “”, so, it crashed.

ei: At first, I had the JSON file at the value level started with “” HERE MY VALUE and ended with ". It crash.

After looking to my previous post were I was recomended to finish with “”, It worked perfectly.

"“Hello World.” (with this format it crash)
““Hello World.”” (it works fine)

Hope it helps!!!

Sorry, I dont know why it do not shows the \ .

here is as picture.


Disregard the previous Image


So to summarize, the Firebase component blocks can crash if malformed text markup arrives?
Thanks for reporting it.

I think so… I’m not an expert, yet.

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