Companion on Chromebook

Is there anyone with an Chromebook who is able to connect to the companion when it is installed on your Chromebook?

I wasn’t able to use it on FOSDEM but the Kodular one didn’t work either. But now when i test at home i am able to use the Kodular one but not the App Inventor one. I get a “Failed to connect to MIT App Inventor Companion, try again” message.

It makes no difference if i use the Legacy Connection mode.

Legacy mode does not work on Chromebooks because the companion app runs in a sandbox. If I had a guess, it might be that the FOSDEM Wifi was interfering with the WebRTC negotiation, but it’s hard to know. It’s more concerning to me that it is now no longer working for you at home.

I think i found it. I just used Barts Chromebook and he hadn’t installed the companion yet. I was able to connect when i installed it. So i uninstalled my companion on my own chromebook and installed it fresh.
Now i am able to connect.
I had an update from my ChromeOS just before FOSDEM, maybe there was something changed at that time.

Maybe there was no problem after all, at least i hope so.