Companion is not working?

Companion is not working for me even through legacy connection. my internet connection are well connected. pls help me. after some times an error popes up saying a big message ( i can notice some words like rendezvous)but i am not sure

i have the latest version of mit app inventor .

Just tested connection. Works fine for me


I tested my connection for AI Companion for filming a YouTube video. Also works fine for me without legacy connection.

Do you get an error 1103 like in ... ?

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Also are you using companion for android or companion for iOS ?

Can you screenshot that message and up load here please rishiraghav_vr.

We all have the latest version, it's the only one online. Do you mean you have the latest version of Companion? Or are you using a 3rd Party Offline version of App Inventor?

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today it is working .i don't know why

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