Companion error (using an offline 'version' of App Inventor)

Hi,When i upload(image or music or ...) to mit appinventor online i see in ai2companion but when upload in mit inventor offline i dont see in companion.I search in internet and find:
but i dont understand what i must do?

Hello mah

Your best chance of an answer is to ask the developer of the Offline Software. It will be based on App Inventor (Open Source) but we do not know what they have and have not done.

Hi,i find a good answer that solve my problem :
"Sorry I found the reason. Our local security settings adds "HttpOnly" to all the outgoing cookies, which seems to conflict with the internals of AI companion, resulting that AI companion did not send the "AppInventor" cookie when fetching the media files. I removed the "HttpOnly" setting and everything works fine now. "
how i remove the "HttpOnly"setting??????

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Well done!

how i remove the "HttpOnly"setting??????

Inspect Page >> Application >> Storage(Left Side) >> Cookies

On the right-side panel, you will find HTTP only flag.

Hi, I selected legacy connection in AI2companion and my problem solved.thanks

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