Companion disconnection issue

Dear Expert
I am using this companion

I connect it with Scan QR Code
It works only for maximum 30-40 seconds and disconnects automatically then as a result I have to connect it again and again.
Why it happens?

Please help

Have you tried checking Use Legacy Connection?

Respected Seniors,

I have following setup for AI Companion


I connect it with QR CODE Like this

It connects but disconnects within 2 or 3 minutes.
I never saw it connected for 5 minutes. As a result I have to connects it again again.

What is wrong with me?

Please help

Did you try Legacy connection?

Do you leave your phone idle? And the companion fades into the background?

Yes sir I have tried legacy
As a result this window appears

and nothing happens.

I waited for for long time to connect as legacy but nothing.


Sir idle or not idle, it disconnects in both cases.

Do you have another device you can try ?

I used to have disconnections when my internet access was unstable. For example, when Internet TV was launched and took up a large part of the Internet.