Companion disappearing act

Here is a little video, cut small for size, to demonstrate how the companion on my chromebook acts some times.
I connect to Chromebook in the connect menu as usual, but sometimes it does not appear, though as the video shows, it seems to be there. I click on the icon in the task bar, and it does nothing, I right click and shut down, nothing. The only way to solve this is to uninstall and reinstall the companion from playstore. This does not happen when connecting with a device, a phone, or tablet, only with chromebook.
Any ideas?


This could be a bug in the Android sandbox on the Chromebook since one would think it would stop the app but doesn't. It appears you can "fix" the problem by using the Android settings app to force quit the app:

However, the real question is how it is ending up in this state to begin with. When you close the app window, it should stop the app as a whole. Unless you've written an infinite loop in your project, I don't see any reason the app shouldn't just quit in the normal way when closed.

Did you do that powerwash of your chromebook ?

Yes, Tim, I did the power wash, and that fixed the other ghostly things. Thanks for the tip on that one. This new thing has happened since I did the power wash though.

It seems so simple now. I had actually not thought of the Force stop option. After getting into the App Info from the shelf menu, the option wasn't apparent. I am learning that Google/chrome puts important stuff in neat little boxes tucked away in a corner on a screen sometime.

Thank for the lesson ewpatton, When it goes sideways again, I will go straight to force stop in the menu's submenu of the shelf menu.

Now I have two apps that have gone sideways. The blue gear is the App Info submenu that would have had the force stop option for the first sideways app

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Maybe I have missed something here. I have no problem (usually) running and testing an app on my chromebook. It seems that since I power washed to eliminate some other ghosts in the machines, and a some gremlins, I am now faced with the disappearing windows, not necessarily just AI2 companion. The force shut down window does not work either. As of yet I have not tested with any other apps on my chromebook unrelated to AI2, as they seem not to crash. (I am still testing, though time is not always a willing partner in the experiment)
I am still trying to work through Chromebook setting, Chrome settings and everything I can think of, but at the end of the day, my programming education dates back to html coding, javascripts and NT4 technology, so confusion is easily attained for me.

If you have a specific project that you think is causing the companion app to crash I'd love to take a look. Given your most recent report though, it sounds like possibly ChromeOS is causing some stability issues if other windows/apps are randomly closing and this didn't use to occur. If so, hopefully the underlying issue will be fixed in a future ChromeOS update.

It seems to be the same for all apps. My work around now is to right click on the shelf icon, select App Info, but then click on the google play store link, which makes the companion appear, then I close the app window and google play store window. Sometimes the app will load at that point, otherwise I [Reset Companion], and then [Connect][Chromebook] once again and it works. It's quicker than having to reinstall the companion app each time. I am still trying to track the circumstances in which it triggers the invisibility of the companion.
I am also struggling to determine if this started after the last Chromebook update.

My Chromebook companion has completely gone awry now, if I try to connect to Chromebook from the menu, it only opens a blank page in Chrome.
Also, I am trying to figure this one out:

I am supposed to have a list of objects. All my arrays of objects is doing the same, reporting them as "false".
Any ideas?


What version of Chrome is your Chromebook currently running?

Version 125.0.6422.197 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I think I figured it out. Chromebook has been on for weeks since last reboot. I must remember to shut it down each day.
thanks for responding, though.



That was my reaction too, Tim ?
After a full rteboot, it seems to be working normally.

On my Chromebook I am on version 126..0.6478.132. Everything seems to work OK.

I do notice with the companion app that I do not get the bottom toolbar (BackPress/Home/Overview).

Was this always the case, and I have simply not previously noticed?