'Companion App is out of date' - how do I update for iphones?

My computer is giving me a 'Companion App is out of date' error message when I try to connect with my MIT Companion app. It gives me a QR code for an apk file download, but I have an iphone. How can I update my companion app if I have an iOS device?

Sorry about that. We just turned on Companion version warnings and probably don't have the iOS version properly setup. For now, just click the "Not Now" button and you can continue.

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Thank you! That works for now!

I ran into the same issue. The bypass worked. However, as of Monday, I now find that I cannot send apps to my iPhone via the companion which worked prior to the update. My Android continues to function as before. On the iPhone, either progress will get stuck at x% or no progress bar will show up, all dialog boxes will disappear and (on the browser end) the companion thinks it is connected whereas the phone is back on the "scan or enter code" screen. If it helps, my Android is running Version 2.64u whereas the iPhone is running 2.60 (build 8). ... Maybe it has something to do with changes in security of the Wi-fi at my school, but I just wanted to put this issue out there (since my iPhone has always worked perfectly with the companion before) in case it is on MIT's end and possibly related to the update (which I'm not sure was successful). Thanks!

For iPhones, the network must allow for the computer to talk to the phone on port 8001. If there have been changes to your Wifi at your school, you should verify with the school IT that this is still allowed.