Compagnon ai a du mal à s'ouvrir (Companion has difficulty opening up)

bonjour, pourquoi quand je teste mon application sur Compagnon AI il est très long à s'ouvrir ?

We do not know, perhaps provide your aia project and someone can take a look.

je pensais à mes images qui sont trop lourdes ?

Do you have many pictures in your assets? What size are they ? This could be the problem....

oui j'ai pas mal de photos

How many, and what are the size of each photo?

You may need to reduce the number of photos, and/or resize them. A phone screen is usually @ 900x400 so your images do not really need to have dimensions any larger than that...

ok je vais les réduire merci

You might also try using the code server, which may be better at handling a large number of images.

You might also consider downloading your images from an online source to your app/project on first run

merci pour l'info

see tip 2 here