Como recupero los elemntos de mi proyecto? se me borraron de la nada (How do I recover the elements of my project? they were erased out of nowhere?)

no puede ser, llevo mas de 3,30 horas con treinta minutos y se me borra de la nada todos los elemntos y eso que yo le daba guardar despues de agregarle algo nuevo o hacer algun cambio. espero que me den una solucion, es muy buena esta pagina, espero me ayuden a solucionarlo.

Can you use one of your backup aia projects to restore most of it ?

You could also try Undo in the blocks editor ?

Why did this happen? A guess is
you got a companion disconnected error and ignored it. You thought you were connected but you were not. When you see this error, you need to stop coding and Reset the connection


otherwise any coding you do subsequent to the disconnection will NOT BE SAVED. Sorry but that is the way the compiler works. :cry: