Comma to separate numbers

I am looking for a suitable solution for separating amount numbers, putting a comma in between every three numbers...

All the topics written on this topic are either old or not clear for me.
I would be grateful if you would give me a link or explain to me a clear way to add a comma in between every three numbers.


See here, i think the blocks are completely clear :wink:

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Do you have one very long number e.g.



123 456 789 876 543 210

Will they always be in threes or will there be leftovers, if so how do you want these handled ?

This looks like a job for the Thousandizer!

nnn Thousandizer.aia (2.6 KB)


Thanks for your reply.
I want to use comma separator for currency amount for a maximum of 10 digit.

That's all you need to do:


It seems an easy solution as you always give a straightforward solution.
But I could not find The command :

Call textUtils1 formatThousandSeparator ????

You need to import the extension and drag it onto the screen in the Designer.

What, now if I want to add an extension, I just drag and drop it on my project screen?

Thanks aloooooooooot.

can u give the link to this TextUtils1 for app inventor

See above.

That link says the page does not exist. Anyways, I have managed to get it. Thank you for ur response.

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Thanks for the hint. I corrected the link.

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