Come rimuovere i farmaci scaduti all'avvio (How do I remove expired drugs on startup?)

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in practice, at startup, it checks the expiration dates of the entire list of medicines; and gives me a warning if any medicine has expired or will expire in a few days. But I would rather than give me the notice; proceed directly to eliminate the drug in question from the list.

Once you get the expired drugs list, remove this items from your lists.

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I tried to follow your advice, but it gives me an error.

Delete the block where you display the data in the label. Or move the delete block under the data display block. You are trying to display an item that you previously deleted. Also, to make things work better, iterate through the list in a loop backwards, from the last position to the first.

I followed your advice, but it still gives me the error. Also can you give me an example of "loop through list backwards, from last position to first"?

Dear @Nicola_Imperati,
in addition to what the other PU's have already said, could it be that you are trying to access the element #2 in a list of lists, but the element #2 (the date) does not exist for a certain element of the primary list ? Since you perform a loop for a number of items = length(primary list) probably the missing index isn't belonging to the primary list,but to the secondary ?
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Detto in italiano: se fosse questo l'indice mancante ?

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Yes, that's definitely the cause of the error.

This should solve the problems.

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