Come aggiungere un collegamento a Google Map (How to add a link to Google Map)

come potrei aggiungere un collegamento a Google Map, del relativo Stato; dopo che ho visualizzato la relativa bandiera?

To use a Google Map with App Inventor, use the WebViewer and set it to the url you create with the Google Map api
Overview  |  Maps Static API  |  Google for Developers. You need an map api key.

or perhaps this example shows what you want to do . It shows how to use GoogleMap links.

Map Tour

or you could use an intent using the ActivityStarter to view or search.

If not any of these, please provide a more detailed explanation of what you wish to do.

Activity Starter, come faccio a lanciarlo dopo ogni evento Lp_Bandiera.SelectionIndex?

Did you try activityStarterListView
where the Selection is the country name?

Grazie SteveJG, per il tuo prezioso aiuto.

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