com.ghostfox.SimpleBase64 any have

Please give this extension com.ghostfox.SimpleBase64

What about doing a search in the extensions directory?



it is not available there

There are so many Base64 extensions, you can try other ones.

By doing a Google search you can find:

and also:

In the extensions directory you can find 6 extensions after doing a search for base64...

This is the extension you are looking for, it was once published in Thunkable...

You can still find it here


+1 Filey :smiley:

I need to upload image to Google drive and to get link in Google sheet. I need gostfoxbase64.aix


After adding this extension, while building compile error is coming.

My requirement is to upload photo from camera to Google drive and get it's link in Google sheet. The code which I found is using goatfox.simplebase64 extension. But this extension is not working

What about revealing the exact error message?
Also what about providing a screenshot of your relevant blocks?


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Which extension ?

Did you try my tutorial ?


Above gostfox.base64 extension

I will.try it

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