Colored barr-mole mash

I am doing the customization of the mole mash I want to add a bar to show the score. Every time the player touches the sprite I want the bar to increase 20 pixels. To do so I've used a colored label with no text. The initial witdh of the label is 0. It works well but I want to hear "you win" after the player touches the sprite 5 times. So, this should happen when the label width is 100. The problem is that the app says "you win" after the player touches de sprite 6 times instead of 5. I do not see where the problem is. Any ideas?

Screenshot 2021-08-17 16.58.49

This might be a timing issue.
Maybe the Score Label needs a moment to redisplay itself after being asked to reset its Width, and in the next block its Width hasn't caught up yet.

I would use a global counter variable instead.