Color text in html label

I notice that <span style=color: red"> works in html labels, but not for olders android versions. Is that normal?

That would be:

<span style="color:red">content</span>

Which Android versions does it not work on ?

Version 6.5

Hopefully someone will get their array of ancient phones out and test from 1-10…

Lol :joy::joy::joy:. Well maybe the actual financial crisis will help.:joy::joy::joy:
My phone is a sony xperia 3 tablet. Not so old.
I’m just surprised, because i don’t figure at all that android was having a part in this aspect of the label component.
Well i’ll continue to use “font color” instead i guess.
Thanks for answering me Tim . Humour is not dead.

Tested on 4.1,5.1,6.1 not working
Tested on 7.1,9 working

A picture is better than 1000 words