Color is different on mobil phone vs App_Inventor screen

Hi, a label with blue text was set on ai2 screen, but on the cell phone screen the text was black. please why? Thanks!

That's a fairly drastic difference. Do you have an example project you can share with us to demonstrate the issue?

If the color is a dark blue, the lighting or coloring on your phone may make it look black.

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We had already made sure that occurred by mobile phone problem, but we did not know how came.

Sorry, are you trying to say that it happens on all the phones you've tested, or on only one?

Only one phone is failed.

Then it's probably a setting on/problem with that specific phone.

any suggestions? Thanks!

I'm not sure. Is your phone an old one? Maybe it's because the display isn't advanced enough.

If you post some information @DickLiu that can help others reproduce the problem , someone might be able to provide specific advice.

  • Android version and model of the phone having color issues
  • Android version of phones have no issues.
  • your Project aia or an example aia that someone can test on their cell phones.
  • screen shot of the color issue phone and the ones without issues might help
  • provide answers to the above please.
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Android version and model of the phone having color issues: HTC Desire 20 Pro, Android 10.

Android version of phones have no issues: moto g8, for example, Android 10.

I'm Sorry, I did not get the screen shot.

Thanks for your help!

Please discard P1.aia.colorproblem.aia (13.0 KB)

This is what happens when using the emulator or using an Android 8.1 with Companion or when compiled. The color (blue) shown in the Designer renders red. A Companion bug @ewpatton?

The developer says:

Thank you for pointing this out @DickLiu

The Screen1.Initialize might have something to do with it...

blocks - 2021-10-12T091135.491

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I got the screen shot.


If you want to do this in the designer, then change the properties in the designer and remove the blocks that change the color in the Initialize block. That's probably easier than trying to reason about both an incorrect color in the designer and changing it dynamically in the blocks.

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