Color Feature & Notifier Feature | Are there bugs of AI2 or I am doing something wrong

Hello all,

I am working a longer time with AI2. I am always having to problems:

Color Feature in AI2:
The color always appends an "ff" at the end of the color. Do I do something wrong or is it a bug?

Notifier Feature (colors):
Also I have a color problem with the background and the text color of the Notifier in AI. The colors of the resulting notifier are not the colors I have choosen, perhaps they are changed against each other. I do not know exactly. Do I do something wrong or is it an AI2 bug?

I know, that I can use an extension for notifiers. I think, I will do so in the future. But in case, that these are bugs (perhaps), it would great, if someone could care about them.

Thank you very much!


No bugs

"ff" in a hex code is for the opacity of a colour

The colour options apply only to the alert. You cannot change the colours in the dialogs

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You need to use custom notifier extension to add colors to notiier dialogs :slight_smile:

Dear TIMAI2,

Thank you very much. From web design and graphic design I know, that it is possible, to change the opacity. But how should I change the "ff", if I want for e. g. 50 % opacity? Do you also know this, please? Thank you. Have a great Sunday!


Thank you, yes, if I need a notifier in the future (I am sure, that i will need it), I will use a notifier extension. Thanks! Great Sunday for you!

Update: Yeah! I found something great by myself, what I will share with you all:

These are the two-digit color codes for the opacity. Great, I am happy!

In the colour selector for a component in the designer, the opacity is the last two digits. Here you see 66 at the right:


Therefore to change the opacity of a colour, just drag the column on the right, or simply type in a value (you will see by dragging that they are not just numbers, but sometimes number and letter combinations)

Thank you, dear TIMAI2!

I have read on Taifun's page, that there are also HTML tags available for the notifiers. I made a notifier.aia to demonstrate the change of the text color. Not only that, but I also tried div style="background-color:blue", but this fails. But here is the .aia

Notifier_HTML.aia (1,9 KB)

Possible are also big and small and some other html tags and colors, but not all HTML color names. Here is a page with color names:

Here is another page with colour names

The html you refer to only supports a limited number of colours and tags.
As I previously said you cannot style the background colour of a notifier dialog.

Best to make your own....:wink: