Collision event not working, sprites not being independent

Hi guys. So I am doing this game app for my Mobile Apps assessment and I am struggling with two really simple things. First, when alien object collides with rocket, I want the player to lose 5 points - score to go down by 5 points - for some reasons the block with if else statement that I have for that is not working. Second, in one of the levels, I want two Saucers that we are shooting at to be independent from each other when it comes to random movement, cause they are moving both at the same time in a certain rhythm. Can someone please help

use the AlienSprite.CollidedWith event rather than a Clock

Thank you, that solved the Alien sprite issue. Any advice on Saucer sprites? Also, Alien sometimes shows up randomly at the very bottom of the screen, instead of falling every time from the top to the bottom of the screen. Thank you so much

Export your .aia file and upload it here.