Collision detection activates when hitting edge?

I making a space invader style program and I'm alien spaceship shoots lasers at the player which calls a lose function but the collision detection activates if the laser hits the edge even tho its not a when edged reached block. Is there some way I can make so doesn't activate when it hits the edge?

Please export your project and post it here.

Please pardon my awful spelling. space_invaders.aia (31.6 KB)

Hi, I tried your game, but with hardly time to blink, it says that I lost. Something is wrong with your timing here. I saw clock timings of 1 and 20 milliseconds. Really?
What am I supposed to do?

I know begin is a little buggy but if you restart a collision activates when you hit the edge. My question is about the collision detection I know how to fix the beginning.

The 1 millisecond clock was meant to be deleted and the 20 millisecond clock is the to make the UFO move smoothly.

Then upload an .aia that does work, except for your problem. All I see is that I lose immediately, without being able to move anything.

It turns out losing in the beginning were cause by a the same bugs now it works. Thanks for the help.