CollidedWith 'other' do

Hello, i have a question. I need to make a game for school and the theme we need to use is virus. I want to make a sort of Space Invaders idea, but i’m stuck now. I have a score board and a live counter. I have 3 images sprites. I want to give te player 1 point if the hand CollidedWith the Virus, but i can’t get it rigth. I’ve tried multiple options, but nothing worked yet.
Does anyone have any idea?
Thanks for you help!

Have you done the Space Invaders tutorial ?

If not look at the example of ‘colliding’ there (there are several different examples). The advice may help you do what you want to do Dean.

I’ve done that tutorial.
Thanks for your respond!

Hi @Dean,

In your image, you set global virus to be other and then immediately check if other == global virus. The latter will always be true due to the preceding line. Assuming there are other sprites on the Canvas and not all of them are intended to be the virus, you may want to remove the set global virus to other statement.

I shall do that. Thanks!