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hi, guyz,

I'm learning to program and I know it's basic but I need help to understand, I made this filter (X) in ColinTreeListview and this can be seen in the block a Notice(Z), in the Notice(Z) it selects my filter(B) , but does not update the grid below (R), what mistake am I making? thank you for the help!


Filter the underlying list, and not the listview, then each time after a filter, reset the listview.

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Morning @TIMAI2 u can explain what component please. idk much components and parameters. I managed to do the filter but if it has 10 records it adds the last record in the grid


You are overwriting the listview list with the latest value each time, as opposed to creating a list with all the filtered values which you should then add to the listview.

how should i clean it?

Colintreelist view1.clear ?

I did not suggest that you clean anything....

Here a simple example:


  1. iterate over your list of filtered items
  2. create the output display from the elements in each item
  3. Add each of these to a different list
  4. once the iteration is finished, set the new list to the listview
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Thanks a lot for explain !! Solved !

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