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I have a list of countries created with colin tree list view, that I use to select the countries I want to a second colin tree list view stored with tinydb.

When I select country number 1 and number 5, shows in the 2nd list the countries selected 1 and 5.
If I after select country number 2, and click selected countries button only shows country number 1 and 2, the country 5 despite stored doesn’t appear.

I don’t send all the blocks, because they are too many. I dont know if the problem is with this block.

Please help me understand what i’m doing wrong.


Not sure I understand your work flow. Are you:

  1. Multi selecting using the colintree list view (can it do this ?)
    e.g. select coutnries 1,2 and 5 and add to a second list
  2. Selecting a country and adding it to a secondary list, selecting another country and adding that to the list, in order to come up with a secondary list of selected countries ?
    select country 1 add to secondary list
    select country 2 add to secondary list
    select country 5 add to secondary list



it’s the 2nd option, but no need to be a sequence 1,2,5.
Today i can select country number 1 and 5, tomorrow i can select country number 2 for example.
But when i click the button selected countries i can see all selected countries each day or see all the countries stored in tiny db.
I don’t understand why it doesnt show all the values stored for the giving tag.

I hope you can help me.


Try this example aia project. It uses standard listpickers but the approach is the same.

countrySelect.aia (2.8 KB)

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  • when the screen initializate i needed to see the countries list and other information (buttons, labels, etc. when I use listpicker shows a full screen list and the rest of the layout disappears. It’s possible to do what you suggested with a list viewer?
  • my list has picture, name of the country and a subcategory of the continent, is it possible to do with this list viewer ?

Many thanks.

No you won’t get all those things with a standard listpicker. What you should be doing is applying the workflow and the principles in my simple example to your approach using colintree custom listview.

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Solved! 5*****

Thank you for your help.

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