ColinTree list view and data from mysql database

i retrieve my datas via a sql query via php script as a list and i put them in a label "lblResult.text"

data is in this format:
urlimg1 - dataa - data b
urlimg2 - dataa2 - data b2
and so on...

i split the data in this way

i want that if there is more than 1 row all of them go in a listview where img.text is the image and the other 2 text are the text to show in listview! As in the example shown on collin tree listview example.

do i have to store them in a tinydb or can i use them on the fly as variables with a foreach ?

something like:

The blocks will not work since you are looping a empty list.

  1. Better to change your php file to make it return a CSV table format.
  2. Or split the result string with \n into a list , for each item of this list, then split item with '-'

this is the content of "lblResult.Text! after the query

i recieve also this error

Argument #2 ( to 'cn.colintree.aix.ColinTreeListView.ColinTreeListView.Initialize(' has wrong type ( (expected:
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

cannot find how to reproduce this blocks

You only need one of those purple blocks, the ColinTree examples shows both approaches.

the error message have stated it very clear:
the verticalArrangement socket need an VerticalArrangement, not a Listview.

it was a vertical arrangment.. i renamed it as listview!

removing second block no errors but listview is not populated


See an example

ColinTree_example.aia (1.2 MB)



thanks! for sharing that!

the difficult for me is to do with dynamic data and not a static list!
ColinTree_example.aia (1.2 MB)

i want to populate listview searching for example word "panna" in textbox and clicking on x name button!

You should get the response from php and split it to 3 lists then use the same approach as in example

colintest (1).aia (95.3 KB)

Try this

colintest_2.aia (94.7 KB)


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Thank you so much! i'll take a look at the blocks and i will ask you if something is not clear because i want to learn! :slight_smile:

Also if clicking on x name button i cannot see them:

but i see only the query the first time that i do a search!
after all is fine

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After the query i recieve an error 1109 the url specified is not valid.
i can see images and text! seems all fine!

can be related to '% %' ?
colintest_2 (1).aia (96.4 KB)

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