Coding simple SCRABBLE for two player without knowing each other tiles

Hi everyone! It's my first time here, sorry if it is not its right place.
I’ve been looking around for clues for my project, and haven’t found anything that helps me.
I want to code a simple scrabble game for two players.

I need now asking for coding so that no player can see the tiles of each other in his/her screen. I’m going to use FirebaseDB which i know from another projects.

Then, I’ve thought of one different screen for each player, but then how to manage common events at sight there, like tiles in common board, scores…?

Any guide, tip, ‘light’, or maybe other way to focus the code, will be warmly appreciated!
Many thanks in advance!

You have already asked this on the kodular community.

Decide which builder you would like to use and use the community of the same

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Ok, sorry . i've thought they are different communities at all with no relation
It's about to delete my post, so go ahead.
Thank you.

Regardless of which platform you choose, it's a good idea to have a model of the game and common terminology.

See chapters 1-2 of
for a start.

Also search the web for Scrabble game data model

Lots thanks!
I am an absolute begginer, i just want to codea very simple game for my family and friends. No rooms no dictionaries no clocks...
By this moment, i only want to know how players can see only his/her tiles in the screen, and no each other tiles.

Thank you again!

Each player's copy of your app shout have his name stored in TinyDB, say under tag PLAYERNAME.

Add a branch to your Firebase data

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Design your screen to show the board and just your tray at the bottom, along with controls to drop tiles from your tray onto the board, and signal move completion.

In my search for Scrabble boards, I saw a nice ASCII representation, or you could paint one on a Canvas with fat colored lines and a Ball as cursor if you are bad at art, like me.
If you can use lists of lists of buttons and generic (Any) blocks, you can also take advantage of the Designer's copy and paste facility. Search the Gallery for Kakuro Helper.

Thank you for your nice answer.
I think there is a lot of interesting things to learn in the next months