Code Generation from Blocks

Hello Community,
I was thinking of an idea to generate a code in languages like Java, Kotlin .
because -

  • Developing a component that will convert the code generated by MIT app inventor into other languages

  • This could help users who are already proficient in programming to transition from MIT App Inventor to native Android development, or to integrate their app with other systems and technologies.

  • Even the kids will be able to see how , the real android devlopment is done in the industry.

Suggestions are welcome , hoping a review from the mentors .

Many Thanks


You mean like the app inventor java bridge?

Or maybe this

yes , i am talking about this one

but now we need for kotlin becuase , now the native android developmenet is changing .

I think in the future , kotlin is gonna dominate , due to things like compose or apps that are created using kotlin

You have got to remember App Inventor also wants to accommodate iOS users.

That means we have to develop for both the platforms

That is up to the devs what they want. But it would make sense since they want App Inventor to be able to run on both platforms.

so working on this topic will be good or not ?
I mean generating code for this Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile

You will have to discuss that with the devs. I am not a dev. Did you already have contact with them?

no i have not contacted with them , will contact

@ewpatton may you please share your views on this ?

This is a lot more work than you make it sound like it is going to be, particularly for two reasons:

  1. The blocks convert to Scheme currently and rely on a runtime also written in Scheme. You'd have to create a Java/Kotlin/Swift version of this.
  2. App Inventor is dynamically typed and will coerce values between types as needed, so you either need to disallow operations like "10" + 10, or generate a lot of fairly verbose code to handle all of the edge cases.

I also worry that this continues to perpetuate the idea that creating an app with a tool like MIT App Inventor is somehow inferior to creating an app using Android Studio/Xcode.

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