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Hi. I tried the chat application with CloudDB in the dictation system. After finishing it, I would like to know if there was not a way to display the messages as seen in commercial applications. So is it possible to write code that creates components as the application runs?
Thank you in advance for your answers

There is an extension of dynamic components. With it, you can create components using blocks.

Thanks for the recommendation.
I find it can meet my needs. I will apply it to my application and get back to you in case of problem

Hi. so i tried to do some stuff with the extension. But I got stuck at the component creation level.

on my companion, when I click on button1, I receive the following error

Try to use "Button" instead of "bouton" .
The component name you provide should be exactly the same as the actual component class name.
See also this post to know how to get component's internal class name:

I did it and now it works thanks.

Hi. I am stuck again. I correctly generated the component but in the case of a button I still cannot find how I could trigger an action from the components generate.
in the forum specify previously they talked about the anyComponent block but I don't know how to go about it

In this example, 3 dynamic buttons set the text "Hello" in 3 dynamic labels.

Dynamic components have one big plus, you can operate the names of components and what I did higher can also be done:

i run the code and it worked fine. Thank you. In fact it was the operation of anycomponent that escaped me. But I can see it more clearly now.
I don't know if this is the right place but I have been trying for a long time to install the appinventor assistant on my computer but it does not work. I have however downloaded from the links provided by the platform

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