Code changes in some files do not reflect in Designer

Hi all

I have been able to build AI from sources (Windows, OpenJDK 11.0.20) and have the dev app server running on http://localhost:8888/. I am able to log in and create a sample app.


I then tried to modify some component code, initially just the description and default values of the above Map component file. Upon rebuilding, I can see the changes take effect. So far, so good. I am also able to duplicate the Camera component to AltCamera as per App Inventor Extensions


However, when I try to edit a different file, in the util directory of runtime, then the changes just do not appear to take effect at all. I CAN see the string changes in the build classes:


so it is being built correctly.

Am I expecting to see something changing in the appinventor-sources\appinventor\appengine\build\war directory, from where the dev app server is running? How do the (working) component changes get reflected?

Thank you


I am only using the Designer to see the changes. I have not been able to Connect to AI Companion/Emulator/USB yet.

Update: I was able to deploy the updated companion APK to my phone with ant installplay and I can see the changes to NativeOpenStreetMapController that I made. Yay! (The Designer window still does not show the changes)

So the problem that I have is limited to the dev app server http://localhost:8888/ - it appears to be using a non-updated equivalent of the companion APK, whatever the technical term for that part is. How do I get that to refresh, please?

I am not running the buildserver locally, as I understand that is only for producing .apk, not modifying App Inventor or the companion.apk?


How to Add a Property to A Component para 2:

Every Component has a corresponding mock class in the appengine project. The mock class is the visual representation of the component in the Designer, and the mock classes generally follow the same hierarchy as the Component classes. If your property changes visual aspects of the component (such as color), then the mock class of that component must adjust the Designer to show these visual changes.

Is this the problem? Do I need to modify the mock class of Map or NativeOpenStreetMapController? Here:?

appinventor-sources\appinventor\appengine\src\com\google\appinventor\client\editor\simple\components\ ?