Cocktail checkbox ingredients to make cocktail visable

Hi, im creating an arduino cocktail making app, i was wondering if it is possible to create a checkbox of drink ingredients that the user can select but only when the cocktails ingredients have been fully met does it allow the user to see/make said cocktail? any block samples of what im trying to achieve would be much appreciated. thanks

Here's a link to an old sample I did for drink recipes ...

It won't exactly match your requirements, but there are parts you can use.

thanks for the quick reply, would you advise creating a csv file of the cocktail ingredients and pulling from that?


That rather defeats the object of the User having a choice! What if I like a cocktail with the exception of one ingredient?

hi chris, its aimed more towards the inital setup side of things which they will be able to be change at any point in the setup options. This is so the user can not make the cocktails they dont have the ingredients for, saves the pumps being activated and producing nothing as each pump will be assigned to a pin/relay. They could phsyically still make the cocktail if they never had said ingredient, for example say they wanted a mojito but only had lemonade and not soda, they could put the lemonade bottle designated for the soda pump in its place and everyones happy and slightly more drunk

Not convinced, I going to another bar :grin:

What I would do is have a db of core ingredients for all my cocktails, and present those such that the User could add or remove an ingredient based on requirement or availability at the time, all in the App initially as a group of friends having the essentially the same drink will have variations in there. The App could be used for cost calculations and stock records, plus recipe procedures.

haha noo my bars the best honest.. hmmm maybe could look into some along them lines in v2 but the arduino codings pretty much finished so iam just tinkering with the app and currently fighting a losing battle with virtual screens to avoid BT connection loss :sweat_smile:

It's best to insert your application here, some outline of the application. Then it will certainly be easier to help physically than just theoretically.